"What are you pretending not to know?".  It's filled with clues and reminders of how to stay on track with your creativity.  Wonderfully refreshing to read the real the world examples of how others make it work."Alan Douches (Mastering for LCD Soundsystem, Sufjan Stevens, Brand New, Mastadon)

"A unique look into not just the how, but the why of an artists' process. A must read for musicians, songwriters, or really anyone in a creative field" - Steve Evetts (Producer, Engineer & Mixer for The Cure, At The Drive In, Saves The Day, The Dillinger Escape Plan)

"This is one of the best guides to making great recordings out there, but in fact, it's not really about recording. Knowledge like this can help many of us "grow up" faster, and gain the wisdom and tools necessary to deal sucessfully with artists as we make records." - Larry Crane (Tape Op Magazine)

"One of the most entertaining and approachable things to tackle this subject." - Nate Hennon at Punk Rock Theory

"If you’re in a band or work in a recording studio, I cannot recommend this book more. It’s a must-read if you fall in either category." - Deanna Chapman at Chorus.FM

URM Academy did an interesting interview about many of the ideas in Processing Creativity

I got to talk about some of the ideas in Processing Creativity with the excellent Encore Podcast

36 Vultures did an awesome profile on the thoughts behind processing creativity

I did a fantastic YouTube interview with Cole Fleming on many of the thoughts in the book